Essential Info On Netent return To Player

By 23 January 2021

Return To Player (RTP) is an important concept in online casino games, especially slots. It refers to the percentage of the stake you can win when playing these games. Visit for a list of Netent slots and their RTPs before you start playing any of them.

Return To Player and Its Implications to Players

In theory, RTP helps players to win back most of what they wager. If, for instance, you wager €1 and spin a hundred times at an RTP of 98%, you expect to win €98 back. The rest goes to the casino. Visit remakinghealthcare for more info.

However, RTP is not a simple calculation. All the other players contribute towards this figure. In fact, you may not win back anything because you may lose your bet. RTP will only make sense to you if you win - which is pretty rare.

Why the RTP Matters

RTP makes a strong argument for the quality of a given slot. High RTP slots mean lots of exciting features on a game, hence, higher chances of scrapping a win. A slot with a high RTP may offer bonus features such as free spins, wilds, and multipliers.

But that is not to mean that slots with a lower RTP aren't fun to play. As stated earlier, RTP is largely theoretical and may not have any impact on your chances of winning at slots. Like every other casino game, it all boils down to luck.


What Else Influences RTP?

The reason RTP is a bit complex to understand is that it involves many variables. Most notable of these variables are the house edge, volatility, and hit frequency. The house edge shows the percentage of your wager going directly to the casino. Whenever you wager, the casino makes money.

  • RTP entails various variables
  • These variables include house edge, volatility and hit frequency

Volatility tells you how frequent the wins have been coming, and can be classified as low, medium, or high. Low volatility slots have many wins but the amounts involved are small. high volatility, on the other hand, promises huge wins but with very slim chances.

How to Calculate Volatility

The RTP of a slot is derived from the thousands of spins different players, making it very difficult for you as the player to verify whatever figure the casino gives you. But you can thank the gambling commissions and auditing bodies who regularly check to ensure it is correct.

But if you are not the patient type, and don't want to wait for the gambling commissions to come along because they may not be in a hurry, you can go ahead and do the maths. But it would be such an arduous task.

Netent Return To Player Bottomline

Return To Player should help you determine how much you may get in return from the casino. However, this figure is pure theory and it does not in any way help you to predict when you would win. Just don't let the figure get in your head.

No doubt Netent offers some of the highest RTPs in the market, making its slots the most exciting to play. Netent RTP ranges from 96% to 99% so players can expect high returns when they play Netent slots. However, RTP is a theoretical figure that can't enhance your odds.