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What help can we offer?

The core aim of Change is to promote well being through enabling people to have healthy relationships in families, between individuals, and in the community.

We do this through a range of services which

  • increase the wellbeing of people who are, or have been, living with conflict within their relationships through a range of behaviour change programmes which are RESPECT accredited
  • address sexual problems through counselling and psychosexual therapy covering all aspects of individual well-being from our Relationship Hub
  • enable young people to develop healthy balanced relationships in later life through a range of therapeutic services, drama based workshops in schools,
  • deliver training to professionals and the wider public about relationships in conflict
  • help people to end relationships in a mutually respectful way minimising the impact on children through relationship counselling and our Better Parents Apart programme, help for separating, or separated, parents that focusses on your child’s needs, and improves your communication
Cafcass Accredited Respect Accredited

What help do you need?

If you're unsure how we can help, click on an issue in our Problem Matrix:

Formerly Relate North Essex & East Herts

The Change Project is based in Chelmsford and offers Counselling Services, Better Parents Apart Programme, Behavioural Change and Partner Services in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire.


Couples Therapy, Child Therapy, & Relationship Counselling

Discuss the past, improve the present, and plan for the future

More Info: The Relationship Hub

Dawn: 01245 258680

Relationship Problems:

Conflict, commitment, jealousy, separation, adultery, sexual, communication, power, parenting, work.

Child & Adolescent problems:

Anger, depression, anxiety, self-harm, self-esteem, grief, trauma, communication, exclusion, separation.

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Separated Parents Information Programme

Help that focusses on your child’s needs, and improves your communication

More Info: SPIP Courses

Clare: 01245 258680


Separation, communication, parenting, divorce.

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In School and At Home

Family Support, Child Play Therapy, Whole School Drama Based Therapy

More Info: Community Services

Tania: 01245 258680


Separation, divorce, behaviour, parenting, illness, anxiety, depression, life changes, grief, trauma.

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'Talking' Sex Therapy

Difficulties are common; take control, rediscover and improve intimacy

More Info: The Relationship Hub

Dawn: 01245 258680


Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, disinterest, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Vaginismus, Anorgasmia.

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Domestic Abuse Service and Contact Activity Provider

Identify your abusive behaviour, and learn how you can change for your children

More Info: Partner Services, Behaviour Change Programme

Gina: 0845 3727701


Emotional abuse, Isolation & Jealousy, Child manipulation, Physical Abuse, Threats & Intimidation, Sexual Abuse, Financial Abuse, Honour Based Violence, Power & Control, Harassing & Stalking

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0845 3727701 & 01245 258680

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The registered office is 11b Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SY.

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