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Community Services – Services for schools

We know that schools have a crucial role in the wellbeing of children and young people and counselling in schools has been shown to enable young people to build resilience and empowers them to deal with life issues, improving their participation not just in school but in their life generally.

Our youth counselling service can help young people to build confidence, resilience and self-esteem. Young people benefit from an improved awareness of their own resources and supports their ability to address problems and pursue meaningful goals.

Our Child Focussed Counselling and Play Therapy supports children who are distressed and struggle to explain why. The children can act out their distress through changes in their behaviours. These services offer children emotional support to make sense of upsetting events that they haven’t been able to sort through, develop coping skills and strategies and to learn how to manage situations differently

Our Family Counselling service for schools works by focusing on the systems around the child. Where the child is too young to make significant changes, the counsellor will work with the surrounding family/guardians to help improve emotional or behavioural issues within the home, whilst still engaging with the child to help them feel supported. Family Counselling can take place in school or in the home as required.

Our Family Support workers can support the work of family and/or youth counsellors by working with families on parenting and general behavioural issues enabling the counselling to focus on deeper issues. Family support can also be used as a stand alone service where counselling is not appropriate or required.

Our Drama Based Therapy programmes adopt a whole school approach to educating young people about domestic violence and abuse and enabling them to protect themselves and others in the future.

For further information please contact Tania Woodgate and Dawn Jenkins.

In School and At Home

Family Support, Child Play Therapy, Whole School Drama Based Therapy


Separation, divorce, behaviour, parenting, illness, anxiety, depression, life changes, grief, trauma.

Formerly Relate North Essex & East Herts

The Change Project is based in Chelmsford and offers Counselling Services, Better Parents Apart Programme, Behavioural Change and Partner Services in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire.

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